ARTCONTAINER S.A.S. is an organization committed to excellent customer’s service, which offers logistic solutions to its clients with an ecological- oriented approach specifically with their recycling, environmental conservation processes and high quality materials, the latter with specialized personnel accredited with more than ten years of experience in the field.

• We are a synergy that uses expertise, safety, logistics in ports, infrastructure, creation of modules within containers to permit a place to live in, customer services and human values. 

• We are ready to create successful businesses and expand those of our clients and associates. 

• Our special projects promote the construction of modules which are a suitable option to build any type of building, starting from mining camps, petroleum hospitals, nursery schools to restaurants, and the like. 

• ARCONTAINER S.A.S. has an Engineering and Design department and it is always looking for solutions and ways to adapt to any projects. This way we obtained spaces where functionality is of paramount importance, providing our services of an avant-garde design according to our time.

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